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Customer Service Training--Effective Complaint Restitution Part II

Last week I introduced the first of a three-part discussion on complaint management, a topic that is covered in great detail through eLearning and instructor led programs we have developed and offer our customers. As mentioned last week, the focus of the training provides the learner coaching tips on how to manage difficult situations in the workplace.

A customer will lodge a complaint when their expectations have not been met. As mentioned previously, these complaints may be related to an assortment of issues including product issues, process, company policies or interaction with an employee. Regardless of what triggered the complaint or if in fact an issue exists, that the customer has taken the time to contact the business is enough of a sign that we need to act.

As such, it is important for the teams responsible for customer care, to understand that we need to do everything we can to address the customer’s issue as how we handle these complaints can either turn a customer in to a lifetime promoter of the brand or conversely, a detractor. Therefore, it is up to the customer care agent to take ownership of the customer’s issue and work to resolve the issue quickly, in a professional and efficient manner.

A very important point to remember, and one that is a key focus all of the Customer Experience courses offered by Pathways Training & eLearning mention, is that a complaint can open the door to long-term customer loyalty and further business. By that we mean these negative issues can create an opportunity to truly showcase an organisations commitment to the customer by how we manage these issues and do all that we can to not only correct the situation but committing to the customer that we will do our best to ensure this does not happen again.

Next week I will conclude this discussion by providing a step by step process on how to manage a complaint and turn the situation from a negative, to a very positive outcome. If you’re interested in learning more about eLearning modules or ILT programs on customer service for your organization, contact us at or at 1-888-961-6011.

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