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How infographics help make your elearning easier

When you’re building your elearning, chances are you want to convey a lot of information to your learner. Infographics are a great way to condense a lot of that content in a way that is appealing and helps learner retention. If you can effectively put a number of relevant points into an easy to read infographic, you’ve already taught your learner a lot with very little.

1. Infographics help visualize data

If your elearning contains a lot of lists of numbers, pretty soon they all start to look the same to your learner. A well-designed infographic can take a bunch of data points and visualize them in a way that is easier to understand than a bunch of numbers on the page. Statistics are much more palatable when there is a relevant visual aid.

2. Infographics make timelines interesting

The history of your organization may be very important, but reading about it is usually a chore. An infographic generally condenses timelines for things into a smaller number of major, notable occasions that can be presented chronologically.

3. Infographics helps connect content

An infographic is a great way to show links between different topics, while at the same time summarizing and consolidating each one. This provides a bigger picture view for your learner to see how all the things they’ve learned work together and develop a holistic understanding of the elearning.

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