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Customizing Vyond characters for your elearning videos

Vyond is an easy whiteboard authoring tool, as it comes with many preloaded characters, settings, props, scenes, and sound effects, while also allowing users to upload images and sound files of their own. This way you can quickly build whiteboard animations in a consistent style without having to create assets from scratch.

One of the great things about Vyond is that it also allows you to customize characters. Maybe you like one of the characters in the character menu, but the client would like them to have a different hairstyle or be wearing glasses, or you have one character that you need in a variety of outfits. Maybe you don’t like any of the available characters and would like to build one.

If you have chosen a character from one of the character menus, and want to reuse the character in a number of scenarios, you can customize them by hovering over them in the menu and clicking on the three dots in the bottom right of the box. This will give you the option to Copy & Edit Character.

When you click on that option, it will save and close your current video and take you to the Character creator, where you can change everything about your character except the body type. If you want a character with a different shape, you could start over with creating a whole new character by clicking on the person icon with the blue circle and plus icon in the top left or selecting a character with the silhouette you want from the character menu.

Otherwise, you can change as much or as little about this character as you would like and save it as a new asset! This includes their facial features, face shape, hairstyle, clothes, shoes, accessories, and the colour of any of the above. Vyond is constantly updating their graphic libraries with new assets, so check to see what they’ve added!.

Don’t forget, there is a lot more you can do with your characters once you’ve settled on the ones you want! Watch this space for more Vyond tips in the future!


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