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How good is editing audio in Articulate Storyline?

Once in a while, you will need to make some edits to the audio used in some of your slides in Storyline, and for the most part, it is possible to get by with the audio editor that’s built in into Storyline. Here is how the audio editor looks like:

As you can see, you can select the audio, delete parts of it, import audio from other files, and even normalize the volume or add silences.

However, through my years of experience developing in Articulate Storyline, I have found that this editor is sub-par compared to professional audio editors such as Adobe Audition or Audacity. For one thing, if you need to copy and paste audio from other audio files that are present in the project, you can’t do it in a straight forward manner, as you would need to re-import the entire audio clip, and then delete the parts that you don’t need; and this is due to the fact that you can only have one audio editor window open at a time.

If you were to edit the audio files in Audition, for example, you can have multiple files open, and then copy and paste the parts you need into your target file.

Also, precision is much worse in the Storyline audio editor, compared to the professional audio editing software, so if you really need to replace some audio with surgical precision, it’s better to not do it in Storyline.

One beautiful thing, though, is that you can select the audio file in the Media Library and prompt the audio editing software of your preference to make any changes, and upon saving, the audio file will be automatically updated in Storyline, so you wouldn’t need to re-import it:


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