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Storyline’s latest update features

Storyline’s latest updated added several timesaving features to your favourite elearning authoring program! Incidentally,some of them are quality of life improvements to the timeline.

  1. You can now see and adjust the duration of object animations in the timeline! No need to change the numbers in the animation toolbar. Elearning users familiar with Vyond will already be familiar with this functionality.

  2. There is now timeline scrubbing, where you can drag the the playhead on your elearning slide to preview animation timing without having to load and preview the whole slide.

  3. There is also an option to not show objects in the timeline until they intersect with the playhead.

  4. Storyline has streamlined some of the trigger functionality to be able to toggle hidden or disabled states. Before, you would need at least two triggers to change an object to a disabled state and back again.

We’re excited to make use of these new features, and look forward to the changes in their roadmap when we can finally renumber elearning scenes!


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