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The Top 5 Ways Virtual Reality eLearning Can Be Used / Thoughts from Conversations with Canadian Exe

Pathways Training and eLearning has created Canada’s first virtual reality eLearning and we have been showing this great technology to several Canadian executives. Interestingly, we are hearing some interesting feedback from companies on their thoughts on how this new and innovative technology can be used.

  • To increase revenue and sales to clients – An executive in the banking industry mentioned what a great technology this is, to increase sales to clients. A customer is more likely to buy a product when they have had a memorable experience with it and can envision what advantages the product will have for them. The benefit of virtual reality is that most clients have not experienced a product through VR. This will make the product more memorable to a potential client, and will therefore increase the likelihood, that they will buy.

  • For new product launches and training – The same philosophy applies to learners, as most learners have not experienced virtual reality. Therefore, they will be more likey to remember what they have learned through virtual reality eLearning as it is such a new experience.

For new hire orientation eLearning and training – Virtual reality eLearning is a great way to teach news hire exactly what they will need to do on the job. In fact, Walmart US has just announce all of their training will be done through virtual reality this year (for more information about this, check out the following link

  • Recruitment – Many companies are adopting virtual reality for recruitment, as they can show a possible new hire the location of where they will be working.

  • For health and safety – What better way to ensure a new hire knows all about health and safety then putting them in their actual work environment and having them identify possible hazards or dangerous scenarios.

All of these are great examples of how virtual reality eLearning can be used. If you would like to see a demo of virtual reality eLearning and where the future of eLearning is headed, please contact us at or at 1-866-961-6011 ext 121.

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