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What Type of Leader are You part II

Last week I started a discussion on the different leader types that we typically see in the workplace, offering a summary of the first five from our list. This week I would like to continue the discussion and provide a quick summary of the next three leader types. As a quick review, at Pathways Training & eLearning we offer many programs that focus on excellence in management, where often part of these programs includes a discussion on the various leader types and how they typically interact with others.

To continue the discussion of “What type of leader are you”?, here are the remaining three summaries.

Coaching Leadership

Coaching leadership involves teaching and supervising followers. A coaching leader is highly operational in setting where results/ performance require improvement. Basically, in this kind of leadership, followers are helped to improve their skills. Coaching leadership does the following: motivates followers, inspires followers and encourages followers.

Charismatic Leadership

In this leadership, the charismatic leader manifests his or her revolutionary power. Charisma does not mean sheer behavioral change. It involves a transformation of followers’ values and beliefs.

Therefore, this distinguishes a charismatic leader from a simply populist leader who may affect attitudes towards specific objects, but who is not prepared as the charismatic leader is, to transform the underlying normative orientation that structures specific attitudes.

Visionary Leadership

This form of leadership involves leaders who recognize that the methods, steps and processes of leadership are all obtained with and through people. Most great and successful leaders have the aspects of vision in them.

Now that we have reviewed the different leader types, next week I will conclude this discussion with strategies both for the leader and their teams on ways we can ensure a cohesive, respectful and functional relationship that will help ensure the team remains contented and successful.

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