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Professional Presentations Provided by Pathways Training and eLearning

In the next few weeks a few members of the Pathways Training and eLearning team will be speaking at a conference hosted by the Ontario Professional Planners Institute. At the conference, we will be facilitating engaging sessions on a variety of topics which I have listed below, along with a brief summary. While the focus of the Pathways Training and eLearning team tends to be more on the eLearning side of the training business, this conference is an excellent reminder of what I feel is one of our greatest assets, that being the ability to connect with our valued clients on a personal level and share our expertise.

What Type of Leader Are You?

This session is one of three exploring models of leadership. The presenters will help you understand your own style and alternative approaches to leadership.

Confronting Conflict Head on in an Honest and Appropriate Fashion

This session will explore strategies for dealing with conflict and choosing an appropriate approach for the situation and your leadership style.

Developing People for Their Current Level of Competency

This session will explore a behavioral approach to competence at work. Presenters will describe characteristics of useful competencies, such as those that relate to the job and are observable and measurable against well-accepted standards / criteria. Competencies include those where performance may be improved through training/professional development and which offer insights into an employee’s fitness for the job and organization.

Coaching and Communication Skills

This session will explore the six conversations leaders need to be able to have with the people they lead.

Problem Solving Skills

This session will explore ways to define a problem so everyone involved understands it and thus can work together towards determining its root causes.

The Pathways Training and eLearning team will of course continue to work with our valued clients, creating engaging and informative content in a variety of methods including virtual reality, 360 video, live actin video, 3D animalization, Whiteboard animation and the popular animated 2D videos…..but with that said it is nice to remind our customers from time to time that our expertise in training is extensive, and getting larger every day!

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