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Customer Service Is What Sets Us Apart

Members of my team and I recently sat through a client ‘pitch’ that was both enjoyable and noteworthy.

Like any business, we are often asked to recite our ‘Elevator Pitch’ – that 45 second (or so) explanation about our service offerings, our value-add and most importantly what sets us apart from the competition. This is ‘sales 101’ stuff… so why I am bringing it up?

A funny thing happened as we began walking through our core differentiators – I changed the talk track. I wanted the focus to be on the team.

Yes, that included the amazing skills they brought to the table (graphic design, 3D animation, programming, curriculum development, facilitation etc. etc. etc.) but this time, the message was about how they could parlay those incredible skillsets into a client experience that is unique, focused and unwavering.

I believe we are better at what we do than anyone else in the market; but shouldn’t I? It is my company after all. I am also experienced enough to know that my competitors will all claim the same thing – and so begins the stalemate.

Not so fast.

We believe as an organization that customer service trumps all. Our ability to showcase our amazing work products ‘gets us in the door’, but our capacity to service our clients lets them see just how important they are to us.

If you work with Pathways, you have to care about service, because our value proposition is wholly focused on the client. They are the reason for our work… never an interruption from it. My team understands the difference.

Anyone joining our organization will understand the difference quickly too, because the expectations I place on our team are built on this foundation of customer service.

“Without them – there is no us,” is how I concluded my ‘elevator pitch’ on this day.

I don’t think it’s what the client expected to hear – and that was fine by them.

After all, you can’t fake service. At least not for long…

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