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Manipulating Audio inside of eLearning Modules

When programming an exciting, eLearning module audio is always a key component. Without audio eLearning modules often feel very bland and have that dreaded PowerPoint type of feel.

To make our modules more dynamic we use several audio files in various areas to create a unique and interactive feel to our eLearning modules.

Types of audio usage in eLearning modules:

  • Voice over

  • Narration

  • Instruction

  • Character Activities

  • Background music

  • Sound effects

  • Interactive object feedback

  • Activity ambiance

Utilizing as many applications as audio during the development of eLearning modules will take create a truly dynamic experience for the end user.

Aside from things such as fades, most of the audio editing you might require can be done inside of Articulate Storyline.

Below you can see the Audio Editor that exists inside of Storyline. In addition to the tools visible at the top bar which include items such as crop, silence, and volume adjustment. A not so obvious feature inside of the editor is that you can highlight, and use the copy and paste feature.

Additionally, audio blocks can also be copied and pasted in the timeline. Moving audio around form various areas across the eLearning module.

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