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eLearning and Virtual Reality – The Training Technology is Available but Will Canadian Training Orga

I wrote recently about the fact that virtual reality is the next evolution in eLearning and that it will be the next big trend in training. The reason why virtual reality will change the way in which we do training, is because virtual Reality (VR) offers new and innovative ways to engage with customers and learners (note Pathways Training and eLearning was the first developer of virtual reality eLearning using 360 video in Canada).

Virtual reality eLearning allows simulations to replicate a real-life learning experiences. The reason why virtual reality is a learning trend, is because it makes simulation/scenario based learning real, in which you are able to mimic the situation in which learners will apply the new skills.

It has been almost two years now since virtual reality has been available as a training tool in Canada, and we know American companies are using virtual reality training extensively. See the following links below on how virtual reality is being used in the U.S for training purposes, in companies like Walmart, Kentucky Fried Chicken and UPS.

Canadians companies should consider innovating their learning strategy, to ensure productivity gains in the future. Canada is #18 on the innovation scale and in comparison to other countries, we are extremely slow to adopt new and innovative training tools such as virtual reality.

Perhaps it is because many Canadian training departments are unsure of how to develop the storyboards for virtual reality when the learning is “non-linear” and the learner can go anywhere in the learning environment. Regardless of why Canadian training firms are not adopting VR, the reality is that virtual reality will be the next trend in training and there is little debate, that virtual reality is the next evolution of eLearning. However, the question still remains – when will Canadian training department innovate and be willing to take the plunge?

To learn more about instructional design for virtual reality eLearning or to see a demo of virtual reality eLearning with “hot spots” using 360 video, please contact Pathways Training and eLearning at or 1-888-961-6011 ext 122 to learn more.

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