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UI/UX Considerations in eLearning

When developing eLearning it is important to consider what type of experience the learner will have and how they will interact with your digital training.

Having a poor UI (User Interface) or poor UX (User Experience) can be the difference between a learner losing focus, getting frustrated and giving up or being kept engaged, focused and interested.

Below are some UI/UX trends you can implement to improve your eLearning and web-based training:


Gamification is an industry trend that has rapidly gained popularity over the last few years. In short Gamification involves taking something e.g a website, application or eLearning and applying game mechanics to it in order to improve user engagement and learner investment. Examples of gamification include levels, points, badges, progress bars, leaderboards and avatars.

Vibrant borderless colours

A shift towards bright and borderless colours has become increasingly popular the past few years, by using bright vibrant colours in your eLearning you are able to better capture the users attention and draw them to areas you want to highlight. Apple was one of the first to do this with their famous iPod and iPhone adverts.


With improved internet speeds and the ability to view content anywhere on mobile devices the demand for responsive training has increased. Learners are not just accessing training on their PCs but a wide range of devices including phones, tablets and laptops, therefore it is important to consider how your training content will look on a range of devices.

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