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Social Media eLearning at Pathways

Over the next couple of weeks, I thought it would be interesting to hi-light some of the great courses offered by Pathways Training and eLearning, both ILT and WBT. Last week we looked at one of our popular ILT courses, Excellence in Management. This week I will be reviewing another popular program we offer, Social Media in the Workplace, which is provided to our customers (customized of course) through a 30 – 60-minute eLearning module.

Social media allows us to communicate and share information over the Internet by using online tools such as Facebook, YouTube, blogs, Instagram and Twitter. Gaining access to these social media channels is more important than ever for companies and organisations to connect with the communities they serve and be a part of the conversation and join networks where their customers already are.

This 30 – 60 -minute eLearning module provides the learner an opportunity to look at how, by sharing locally relevant content, we can build relationships in our local communities. Social media presents an opportunity to raise awareness about the organizations brand and engage with existing, new and perspective customers.

In addition to the corporate channels, individual staff are often encouraged to use social media on their own. This contributes to the overall social media presence and increases the reach to customers. Wth that said, the module will also provide a reminder for the learner on the importance of responsible behavior when using social media, and review examples of how irresponsible behavior on Social media by an individual, can have a negative impact to an organization.

In using social media staff are often asked to balance the organizations values of intellectual freedom with creating a diverse, inclusive and supportive service and work environment. Simply put, while “freedom of speech” is obviously supported by all companies, employees need to remember that what they post, share, like or say on a personal Social Media channel can reflect on the organization.

Next week we will continue this discussion, looking at one of our exciting WBT courses offered by Pathways Training and eLearning that uses Gamification to help engage the learners and reinforce the material.

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