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Will Canadians Be Willing to Innovate Training? Virtual Reality (VR) 360 Video eLearning

There is a lot of talk now in days, about how Canadian companies should be more innovative. But what does that mean in the training industry? Some people tend to think whiteboard animations are innovative, and gamification. For some companies just moving away from classroom learning to eLearning or blended learning is innovative, but the reality is there are many new ways Canadians can be innovating their training methods.

Virtual reality eLearning is here and it is amazing! It is the most exciting learning method I have seen in the last 20 years. Why should you be excited about this new method, it is because studies have shown that learners recall 90% of information when simulations are used. Virtual reality can simulate a real-life environment, causing a higher transfer of learning to occur when an employee returns to their workplace. Adding virtual reality to training and eLearning is anticipated to result in a huge increase in retention over traditional classroom training or eLearning methods.

Pathways has embarked in creating on our first 360 video and virtual reality eLearning module with St. John’s Ambulance using the topic of how to prioritize causalities when a major emergency occurs. This 360 video was filmed at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver and it is anticipated to save the lives of Canadians, when a large-scale emergency happens.

We recently showed our demo of virtual reality eLearning at a recent Canadian Community of Corporate Educators (CCCE). People stayed behind to see the demo and the feedback was overwhelming positive about how this method could be used to increase the learning transfer, in various corporate environments. Many people expressed their excitement about using this new method in the future and were also excited about how affordable this new method is (Pathways has developed proprietary coding to develop virtual reality eLearning to reduce costs for clients). If you would like to see a demo of virtual reality eLearning, please feel free to contact Pathways by emailing or by calling 1-888-961-6011 ext 122.

If virtual reality eLearning is so effective at driving a transfer of learning, and Canada has this cost effective technology, what might stop Canadians companies from adopting? Here are some interesting stats about Canada and innovation:

  • Canada remains near the bottom of its peer group on innovation, when compared against other countries.

  • Countries and businesses that are more innovative are passing Canada on measures such as income, productivity, and business revenue.

  • Canada has been slow to adopt leading-edge technologies. Slow adopters are at least one generation behind the possibilities that new technology represents. The problem shows itself in Canada’s relatively low productivity level.

  • As other countries develop and adopt more innovation-related business methods, their companies are gaining in productivity more rapidly than Canadian companies. (Conference Board of Canada, innovation reports,

So what is the business case for using virtual reality eLearning in Canada? We have already mentioned a few benefits in this blog and here are a few more.

Come on Canadians, let’s change this trend and innovate! Lectora, Storyline and Captivate have become mainstream for developing eLearning for the last few years. Here at Pathways we believe the next innovation for eLearning is 360 video and virtual reality and we are working on an authoring tool to make this virtual reality eLearning development, easier for everyone (like a Lectora, Captivate or Storyline for virtual reality rapid eLearning authoring development). Welcome to the future of eLearning everyone – virtual reality is here!

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