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2016 Year in Review Part II

Last week I provided an introduction as part of a review of some of the exciting projects we worked on in 2016, so for the next few weeks I am going to go in to a bit more detail, starting with an on-boarding program we are developing for a large transit company.

The training program is being designed for the control centre inspectors whom are part of a larger group made up of four separate contracting companies. Each company is responsible for bus service in a specific geographic area and with that assumes responsibility for the bus itself (maintenance) the bus operator (driver) and the service level and performance of all routes within their geographic area. In short, think air traffic controllers for buses. The inspectors keep in regular communication with their operators, remotely monitor the performance of all routes and take the necessary action to ensure on time performance is maintained as best as possible.

The training will be launched be in two phases, each with a few unique challenges and opportunities for the designers and programmers. The first phase of the project will include training the existing control centre inspectors.

The second phase of the training will be offered only when a need exists to on-board new employees and thus the expectation is these classes may have as a few as 1 or two students given the infrequency of employee turnover. As such the learning strategy for these classes will lean heavily towards self-study through eLearning with limited amounts of instructor led training required.

Getting back to the overall design components of the training, this program will have everything and includes many exciting components of eLearning design which is the reason for our excitement. Some of the elements we are developing for the program include:

  • Several 3-4-minute live action videos used to demonstrate the impact of service issues on the customer

  • Professional 3-D animation as part of eLearning functionality

  • Whiteboard animations

  • Storyline animations

  • Narrated animated videos

  • Interactive tests for understanding

  • Gaming

  • Development of a new LMS to be used exclusively for the on-boarding program

Following the completion of the first phase of training we will be conducting an intensive review with the students to ascertain the effectiveness of the training, gauge their (new) level of understanding and determine where we can make improvements to ensure only the best experience possible for the future students….so in effect we are putting in the hands of the employees the power to really make a difference in their world and help shape the learning journey for all those that come after.

Next week I am going to discuss some of the interesting video projects we developed throughout the year. Thanks very much, and thank you for taking the time to review our Blog!

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