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7 reasons eLearning is the preferred method of business training

Is eLearning the right choice for your training and onboarding programs? In almost all cases, the answer is yes! eLearning is becoming one of the hottest choices for businesses and other organisations looking to lower their training costs while improving effectiveness because it works. Compared to older pencil-and-paper styles of learning, it's hard to argue against cloud-based eLearning systems.

Aside from the initial implementation costs, digital training offers numerous clear benefits.

7 Reasons eLearning Is The Preferred Method Of Business Training

1. Reduced costs

Once your eLearning curriculum is online, your training costs should decrease dramatically. There's no need for any paper-based supplies, and the need for in-person classes will be greatly reduced or even completely eliminated. Administrative costs will be reduced as well, since everything can be managed electronically.

2. Streamlined and standardized material

The bigger an operation becomes, the harder it can be to ensure every outlet, store, and partner company are training from the same materials - at least when dealing with paper. However, when using a cloud-based eLearning system, everyone is seeing the exact same training materials. There's no chance of a satellite office training on outdated materials.

3. Finding the time to take a class is easier than ever!

Most learners don't enjoy having their work interrupted for in-person training classes that take hours, or even days. This can also cause a substantial drop in productivity during those training periods. eLearning systems allow them to take classes at their own pace, fitting into their schedule in a way that won't disrupt their job duties.

4. More options in teaching methods

Online classes can incorporate all the traditional teaching tools, such as text and slideshows, but can also go further. Interactive videos, games, even VR simulations are possible in an online learning environment. These advanced features help maintain learner engagement, while allowing lessons to be presented in new ways.

5. Virtual interaction among learners

Online learning used to be criticized for removing the social element of classrooms, but that's largely a thing of the past. Modern eLearning systems enable plenty of interaction among learners, including chatrooms and videoconferencing.

6. Easier tracking

Online learning portals can be set up to feed directly into your existing database and analytical systems. You'll get highly granular data on every aspect of your training program, from learner attendance and success, to feedback on the effectiveness of your lessons.

7. Instant revisions

Does a question on an exam need to be reworded? Is there new information which needs to be added to a course? This can be done in a matter of minutes, and instantly published to the cloud. You're free to track and revise your lessons as much as is necessary, without any hassle.

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