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Colours in eLearning

Colour is an important part in eLearning, having a well chosen and consistent colour scheme can be the difference between an attractive and engaging eLearning course and a course that is not pleasant for learners to take. Using consistent colours can help prompt and enforce brand awareness and provides a sense of familiarity for your learners. Implementing an effective colour scheme for your eLearning course is not something that should be overlooked and if done correct can increase the chances of your learners understanding the key concepts you are trying to teach them.

Below are some tips you should consider when deciding on the colours you want to use in your eLearning course.

1. Don’t use too many colours

Using too many colours can be one way to make your eLearning look confusing and unclear for your learners. Having too many colours can not only make the screen look messy but also can reduce its brand awareness and familiarity, for example if you have a logo that uses particular shades of red and these shades of red are associated with the company it is recommended to try and use similar colours so that it is easier for he learner to associate the course with the company, examples of things you might make the same colour include navigation, buttons or backgrounds.

2.Consistent Colours

Using consistent colours is another important aspect when choosing the colour scheme for your eLearning. By changing colours part way through an eLearning course can cause confusion for the learner, for example if you use red for the next button in your course and then half way through it changes to green this can be very confusing for the learner, they may be looking for red to proceed to the next page as they have associated it with this colour. Having consistent colours can help make your course more intuitive and cleaner.

3. Starting Point

If you aren’t sure about which colours you need to use in your eLearning course an image can be a good starting point. Does the company have a logo that you could use as a starting point? Or Does the company use specific style images that have recurring colours in them? Declining on a colour scheme can be difficult, but taking the time to look into the most appropriate colours for your course can be the difference between a slick and clean eLearning and something that looks outdated and confusing.

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