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Benefits of eLearning

eLearning and digital training and can be a valuable element for your learning and development strategy. Being able to create a digital course and have it taken by multiple learners simultaneously is a powerful tool for distributing training to your learners. Using eLearning means you can deliver high quality training to your learners that can be taken anywhere and at a time that suites them.

Below are some of the benefits to implementing eLearning as part of your learning and development strategy.

1. Accessibility

Learners are increasingly using technology and have access to a wide variety of devices including phones, tablets and PCs, this is a major advantage for eLearning courses as many development tools now have the ability to create responsive training which adapts content to look good on a variety of devices. As a learning provider this means your training can be taken by anyone at anytime and while on-the-go. This is a huge advantage as you are now no longer restricted to teaching learners at a specific time or place.

2. Retake training

One of the main advantages to using eLearning is the ability to retake training multiple times. When compared to classroom training it may not be practical for learners to ask the instructor to repeat a part of the course, there may be time restrictions and it may be uncomfortable for that learner to ask when in larger classrooms. With eLearning you don’t have this issue, if the learner did not understand some of the content they can simply play it again as many times as they like until they understand what is being taught. This a huge benefit for learners who want to fully understand a topic or learners who are time constraint and not able to sit in a classroom for several hours.

3. Cost-Effective

One of the main benefits of using eLearning is the time and money it could save you. When compared to classroom training if you are a small business with a small number of employees it may not be worth the time and money it takes to conduct a classroom session as you will most likely need to hire a teacher, find a room, print course materials etc. Likewise if you are a large business with a large number of employees it might not be possible to find a time that suites everyone to take the training. With eLearning these costs relating to time and money are not as much of an issue, initially you will need to spend time and money designing, developing and deploying eLearning but once created your learners will be able to take your training any time and any where simply by launching it on their PC, laptop or phone.

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