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Learning innovation in Canada - Webinar

On September 19th, Pathways Training and eLearning and Canadian Management Centre (CMC) presented a very well received webinar on the topic of learning innovation in Canada. This webinar highlighted what to do to modernize and innovate organizations’ learning and development strategies by adding digital elements like virtual reality, 360 video, eLearning, gamification and whiteboard animations.

In a rapidly changing world, where time is scarce and the challenge to develop talent has never been so complex and competitive, often the difference between a successful and ineffective workforce, can be the training they receive.

Technology has led to new ways of working and learning. To support the needs of a more sophisticated, complex learner, and to achieve business goals, proven learning and development strategies must be supplemented by innovative methods which address the need for accessibility, interactivity and short, just-in-time bursts of learning to create effective training solutions.

The world of business is changing and so should every business learning strategy!

To download this webinar for free and to learn more about how to innovative your learning and development strategy with digital learning mediums like gamification, eLearning, microlearning and virtual reality, click on this link to listen to this webinar.

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