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Learning Technology Trends

The pace of technology is rapidly increasing and as a result so is eLearning due to the close tie it has with technology. Without technology eLearning cannot exist how it currently is, the benefit of this is that technology can be leveraged to deliver innovative and engaging learning solutions.

Below are three trends you should consider when designing your next web-based course to future-proof your content and ensure your learners have a modern and engaging experience.

1. Video-Based Learning

Video-based learning involves the use of short, crisp and engaging video nuggets on various subjects. The benefit of video based learning is that it can be tailored to a variety of learning environments from a formal office to an informal setting. With the increased use of smartphones, tablets and other portable devices, video-based learning is likely to increase in popularity as learners can watch videos when they want and while on-the-go.

2. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality involves combining a digital view of the real world with computer generated sound, graphics and animation. For example you might have a learning scenario where the learner has to interact with their environment and perform actions, by using a camera and a screen the learner can view their surrounds in real time through a lens, animations, graphics and sound can then be overlaid on top of this. Virtual Reality takes this one step further and provides a fully immersive world leaners can interact with (Pathways Training ad eLearning, created Canada’s first virtual reality eLearning module). Read some news articles about our work, by clicking on the links below.

Magazine Article - March 2018 eLearning Guild (U.S)

Online Canadian Publication - February 2018

Magazine Article – June 2017 Business Review Canada

3. Social Media Leaning

Social media is integrated into our daily lives, communication is easier than ever and is more accessible than ever. Using social media to increase learner interaction, share ideas and solve problems can be a powerful technique for your learning strategy. Some of the things you can do to leverage social media include, creating a Facebook groups for your learners, setting blogging assignments and using Twitter to encourage academic discussions.

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