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Pathways Training and eLearning Presents at DevLearn DemoFest on Virtual Reality and 360 Video eLea

Thank You for Your Overwhelmingly Positive Response to Our Virtual Reality and 360 Video eLearning Work!

We went to DevLearn last year to find a new technology to bring back to Canada. This year we were there to present on our virtual reality eLearning solution that we created with 360 video and interactive hot spots (all created with custom code).

While in Las Vegas, it was great to see so many great Canadian companies presenting at an international training conference and it was terrific to see the great work Canadian companies are doing. Nice work James Phillips and your team at Canadian Tire for your presentation on gamification, Cindy Plunkett and Baycrest for your great work on augmented reality (AR) for new hire onboarding in Canadian hospitals. It was great meeting other friendly Canadian faces from HBC, Scotiabank and Rogers. Thank you also to all of those Canadians and Americans at DemoFest, who gave us such overwhelming positive feedback about our virtual reality eLearning work.

Pathways would like to say a special thank you to all the great people who came to our sessions and to our table at DemoFest (our servers show at one point there were over 60 people experiencing our virtual reality eLearning simulation of who to save first, in a mass causality situation). We were overwhelmed by all of the positive feedback from learning professionals from around the world and thank you for your kind words about our virtual reality eLearning work. It was great meeting all of you and we hope to see you again at DevLearn next year!

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