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Pathways Training and eLearning Inc. Contribute to White Paper on How to Quantify the ROI of Learnin

I was excited to be asked to be contributor and to assist with the development of a white paper entitled How to Quantify the ROI of Learning in Your Organization. This paper developed in conjunction with the eLearning Guild and Adobe and a number of talent leading learning executives, focuses on the question that challenges many learning professionals which is, how do I actually measure the Return on Investment (ROI) of my learning initiative.

This white page paper focuses on the RO of learning. Most firms today are concerned with it, yet few learning professionals are entirely sure it is worth the money to measure the ongoing results of their training initiative. ROI is an elusive term. It represents different things to different organizations. and is often difficult to measure and quantify. However, we can all agree that ROI is important. A firm grasp of this critical KPI can aid L&D leaders who are trying to secure funding or gain the attention of the C-suite.

Many Canadian learning leaders are unsure if measuring the ROI of their learning and implementing sustainment learning activities is actually worth the additional cost and effort (I was in two separate sales presentations this week as Pathways Training and eLearning has been short-listed in RFPs for two very large eLearning projects. The question of ROI came up in both of these meetings, in addition to the question of how on-going learning will be sustained and measured. I think many learning executives know it is important, but struggle with the question of is the additional time and effort worth it to measure the ROI of their learning initatives.

In this paper, How to Quantify the ROI of Learning in Your Organization, leading learning professionals share their perspectives on ROI. We discuss how our own organizations define ROI, illuminate the metrics and benchmarks they use to determine ROI, and weigh in on the role learning management systems can play in terms of ROI for ourselves and internal and external client.

In this paper, you’ll learn why you should be paying close attention to ROI and get guidelines on how best to accomplish this goal. Pathways Training and eLearning was proud to be a contributor in developing this white paper and you can download the PDF from our website below or you can download the white paper directly from the eLearning Guild using the URL below where you will also be able and to access other interesting articles about eLearning, virtual reality and measuring the return on investment of training.

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