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Using eLearning Principles in Vancouver to Celebrate Canada – How Click and Reveals Can be Used Beyo

I was recently in Vancouver and met with our west coast team, and as my hotel was on the waterfront I decided to investigate Canada Place. This beautiful iconic building is devoted to all things Canada, and of course like the rest of our beautiful country, it is paying tribute to Canada’s 150 years.

What surprised me as I walked through this building was the number of interactive displays available to learn about Canada’s history. TV monitors where you could click on various sections to learn more about Canada’s past – reminded me of a screen in an eLearning new hire module we had created for a large Canadian telecom client, on the history of the company in Canada. Another display had a long pathway shown on a large rectangle piece of concrete, where an LCD projector from the ceiling showed interactive images of Canada’s history and where again you could again click on the pathways to find information about Vancouver’s waterfront. I found myself thinking wouldn’t this be an innovative way of teaching clients about a new product (or a new car for some of our auto clients). Now in days the tendency is always to think about teaching either through classroom or eLearning where training is tied to a module and you can track completion via an LMS, but this exhibition reminded me there are many ways that eLearning activities like click and reveals can be tied in a different way to help people to learn.

I found myself wondering if they had an instructional designer involved in the creation of this very large tourism and marketing display. It also reminded me that as trainers, we do have skills that apply beyond traditional corporate training roles and our skills can be used in many different areas such as marketing and tourism. It also reminded me that activities such as click and reveals can be used in many ways beyond just eLearning as well.

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