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Flip Card elearning interaction for Storyline

You can make a neat playing card interaction for your elearning without any special graphics or external animations in Storyline with this simple tutorial!

elearning card flip interaction

Each card flips over to reveal content on the other side, and can be clicked on to flip back.

To make the cards, all you need is to create a rounded rectangle shape approximately the same dimensions as a playing card. Duplicate the object to create as many clickables as you need.Next, create a new layer for each card and number or label accordingly.

card flip interaction layers

On each layer, place two duplicates of one of the cards, and a white block at the bottom to the original card on the base layer. One of the duplicates will be the “back” of the card and have the same text as on the base layer. The other duplicate will have the content that is on the “front” of the card. Stack all these objects so they are lined up with each other and the base layer card.

Then add a Swivel exit animation to the “back” card and a Swivel entrance animation to the “front” card. Have the two animations occur at the same time, close to the start of the layer timeline. The default timing on Storyline animations is 0.75 seconds, so the timelines should overlap by 0.75.

Add a trigger to the base layer card to show the relevant layer when it is clicked.

To add the flip back animation, just duplicate the layer, swap the timing of the “front” and “back” cards (so that the “back” animates out and the “front” animates in), set the end of the exit layer timeline to where the entrance animation ends, and have a trigger to hide the layer when the timeline ends. You’ll also need to add triggers to the “front” card on the original layer to hide that layer and show the exit layer.

Now you have an elearning interaction with fully editable text and colours, and can be scaled for more or fewer click through items!

Check out another of our elearning interactions we built and how it was done, how to get more out of animations, and coding custom activities. If need something built that you don’t see on our blog, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how it can be done!

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