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Storyline 360’s new eLearning features

The latest build of Storyline was released a short time ago, and let’s check out what new functions it has to make building your elearning easier, faster and more effective!

1. Mobile friendly elearning

Storyline now has built in mobile optimization for your elearning courses! The responsive player ensures that your published elearning looks great on mobile devices in any aspect ratio and contains mobile-friendly controls such as swiping instead of selecting the Next and Prev buttons! Also, the preview options have been updated to reflect these additions by allowing you to preview your elearning in desktop, tablet or phone view, as well as portrait and landscape.

2. Lots of new animations

As a visual artist, I’m excited to see that Storyline has added lots of new, more dynamic animations and slide transitions, as well as new kinds of object triggers and the option to name your motion paths. The last one is especially useful when my elearning contains multiple layered animations and I have been trying to select one particular dotted line when there are other dotted lines I don’t want to move.

3. Closed captions

One of the major issues with Storyline 2’s accessibility was time involved in hard coding closed captions for accessible elearning courses. Storyline 360 has finally addressed that with the ability to import caption files directly into your module, which are linked to each audio and video file in your elearning, and can be toggled with one variable.

4. More assets

Storyline 360 has beefed up the range of free characters available for use, both photographic and illustrated, and they can be sorted by type of character (photographic, illustrated-realistic, and illustrated-cartoon), the character’s clothing style, and their age. They’ve also added a new dial interaction, that is similar to the slider interaction from Storyline 2.

5. Publishing output options.

Previously, your elearning was always published to Flash, with the option to add HTML5. Now, Storyline 360 allows you to choose Flash only, HTML5 only, Flash/HTML5, or HTML5/Flash – in which the one listed first will play first unless that option isn’t supported, and then the other option will play instead. There is also the option to publish a single scene or even a single slide to test just a part your elearning on an LMS.

So that’s the latest in Storyline news! Check out how this compares to the Storyline Feature Wishlist I wrote last year when this update was announced.

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