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Animated Transitions for eLearning When Using Storyline

When creating eLearning modules, the transition between slides in Storyline is somewhat limited, especially compared to the variety available in Powerpoint! However, you can still create interesting and impressive transitions for your elearning just from the animations used on regular Storyline objects. Here are two transitions we developed.

Swivel out

This one makes use of the Storyline swivel in and out animations. When the learner leaves the slide, the object flips around several times until it stops on the other side. This looks great with playing card interactions in your elearning, but any object can be used.

This is done by having two identically shaped objects on top of each other. The one on the bottom has the original image, and the one on top has the image that the will be on the “other side”. These items will be placed on a new layer, which will be shown when the learner clicks Next.

Have the bottom image Swivel out at the same time the top image Swivel In, and at the end of the entry animation, jump to the next slide where the top image will be copied without any further animation needed.

Grow and fade

This transition is a little more complex, and looks good on click-through objects that go to new slides in your elearning.

When the learner clicks on an image, it expands to fill the screen and then fades into the background. On a new layer, have a larger version of the image filling the screen. Add a grow animation, and a line motion path animation that requires the same amount of time. Have the line motion path animation move from the center of the original image to its final position.

Then, on the slide this animation will go to, place a copy of the larger version of the image at 80% transparency or Washout colour mode. Finally, set the transition for that slide to Fade.

Keep reading this blog for more elearning programming tips, and check out our other articles on how to get the most out of Storyline – One weird trick to work around the Storyline eLearning Translation export bug, Our Process to Create eLearning, and Programming Principles for Storyline Development - Part I.

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