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Year in Review Part III

Two weeks ago, I provided an introduction as part of a review of some of the exciting projects we worked on in 2016, so for the next few weeks I am going to go in to a bit more detail, with the focus this week on a project that involved eLearning, facilitation and one on one coaching.

One of our clients is a luxury automotive company that, while they are already an industry leader when it comes to the “car buying” journey, continue to look for ways they can improve the customer experience.

Like many organizations, this particular company collects and tracks customer feedback via a variety of avenues including Email surveys, Google reviews and the old-fashioned phone survey. They wanted to be sure the feedback was addressed in an appropriate time frame and manner, so for each dealership they assigned an employee as a “customer advocate”. The overall objective of the role was simple enough…. collect the feedback and take the necessary action where applicable. The problem was, they were not exactly sure how to go about making that happen. This is where we (Pathways) came in.

After meeting with our client and reviewing their training needs with regards to the customer advocate program, we came up with a hybrid training plan that was rolled out in the late summer and has proved to be very effective. Next week I will provide the details of our plan and share some of the “lessons learned” that I discovered when creating a training solution that involves eLearning, in-class facilitation and one on one coaching.

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