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Regardless of what medium is used to train a topic initially, the end game should always be the same – the content is learned and STAYS with the learner. That means that whether you have ILT or deliver an elearning course, finding a sustainment tool is key. There is something called the forgetting curve that hypothesizes humans halve their memory of newly learned knowledge in a matter of days or weeks unless they consciously review the learned material.*

Over time, it’s highly likely that people will forget material unless there is some kind of sustainment tool to reinforce what was initially learned. eLearning is a very effective tool to use as it gives the learner 24/7 access to sustainment activities and all the original content that was presented. Being able to access content and refresh key topics will only give learners more opportunity to reinforce what they’ve learned when the forgetting curve kicks in. Even if you have ILT, you can follow it up with an elearning module that will give learners an opportunity to reinforce what they’ve learned in class.

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