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In modern age we live in, the general population is very much aware of the negative results of a sedentary lifestyle. In response to this there has been a growing trend in the computer using office dwelling community. What I discovered was people utilizing standing computer desks, which is a logical choice for people trying to get away from being seated for 8 hours a day.

But there is one glaring flaw with a desk that is made for standing, and it is the most obvious flaw. You can’t sit and work (unless you have a booster seat). Anyone who has ever worked in a factory or labour type job, will attest that 8 hours on your feet also isn’t ideal.

For me the logical balance that we need is strike a balance between the two states, which brings me to the namesake of this article. I believe a Dynamic Workspace, one where you can freely transition between the two states will be the most optimal offering the best of both, and non of the flaws.

The obvious benefits of a Dynamic Workspace to me are listed below.

  1. It helps to keep your workday from being fully sedentary by offering standing positions, and when your feet begin to feel sore you have the option of switching to a seated position as well.

  2. It helps to regulate your posture, and encourage muscular engagement.

  3. (this one is personal) You are less likely to feel that afternoon fatigue that comes after lunch, and.

  4. It boosts mental performance through, the simple change of going from seated to standing and vice versa.

eLearning workspace

Truthfully this type of workspace lifestyle was demonstrated to me by a colleague, and he really sold me on it. Part way through his day he would get up from his desk and move his laptop bookshelf. The top of the bookshelf, and his height, happen to perfectly coalesce and, voila! A makeshift standing desk.

However not everyone’s workspaces have enough room for two pieces of large furniture, or on the flip side not everyone’s workspace is as small a single laptop.

Through some thorough research I have stumbled upon a few options for those who want to create a dynamic workspace.

There seems to be generally two different options, one where the whole desk increases and another in which a rig sits on top of a standard desk. The various options have a variety of prices, but generally it seems to follow that old notion of, you get what you pay for.

eLearning workspace varidesk

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