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Why you should use eLearning in 2022

Over the past few years we have seen a huge rise in the number of people taking online learning and digital training. As more and more people become familiar with taking eLearning and digital training online you should carefully consider how you could use eLearning as part of your learning strategy.

Below are some of the benefits you could get by including eLearning in your learning and development strategy.

1. Widely Accessible

One benefit of using eLearning is that it is very is easy to take and access. In order for your learners to take an eLearning course all they need is a device (such as a laptop, tablet and smartphone) and an internet connection. The benefit of this is that it allows learners to take training almost anywhere, at any time. When compared to in person training this is particularly beneficial as learners to not need to travel to a physical location at a specific time.

2. Larger Audiences

Another benefit of using eLearning as part of your learning strategy is that you can reach a much wider audience compared to in person training. In order to scale up an in-person training session you will most likely need to increase the room size and potentially the number of instructors. With eLearning however if you want to increase your audience size you can simply just create new user accounts for the new learners and enroll on your course (providing your server can handle the increased load).

3. Easy To Update

When facilitating in person training it can be difficult to make frequent updates, if you need to change the classroom session you will need to update the materials, get the instructor up to date and see if the session still works as intended. With eLearning however, it much easier to update your courses, in order to update an eLearning course all you need to do is update the source file used to build the course, then publish out the new course and then upload it to your Learning Management System (LMS). The next time a learner logs on they will be able to take the new course with the updated content.


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