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Why you should use a Learning Management System

Once you have designed and developed your eLearning course you will need a way for your learners to access your training. One way you can do this is by using an LMS or Learning Management System.

Below are some benefits of using a LMS to host your eLearning courses.

1. Provides online access

After you have created a storyboard, designed, developed, and published your eLearning course you need to host it somewhere so that your learners are able to access it online. A Learning Management System lets you do this by allowing your courses (specifically the SCORM package that gets created when you publish your course) to be uploaded to the LMS. Learners will then able to log into the LMS and launch the course on device of their choosing over a network connection.

2. Bookmarking

When developing an eLearning course, you might find that your course can take a long time to complete. For some learners this may not be an issue and they can complete the course in one go, however, there are other learners who might not have the time to be able to do this. Fortunately, Learning Management Systems have Booking capabilities which saves the learners progress and allows them to resume where they left off next time they launch the course. This means if a learner completes part of the course then leaves and comes back at a later point in time they don’t have to start from the beginning again and can resume where they left off.

3. Tracking

Another benefit of using a Learning Management System to host your learning courses is that you can track completion data. Within your LMS you will have the option to download completion data for courses which tells you how many learners have completed your course and how many still need to complete it. If you are creating compliance training this can be beneficial as you can see how many people still need to take required training.


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