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What to test when developing and deploying eLearning

When designing, developing, and deploying eLearning and digital training you want to make sure that the final course you create works as expected and allows learners to take the training without any issues. As part of this you should perform testing to make sure that your courses do not contain any bugs or technical issues.

Below are some things you should test when deploying your next eLearning course.

1. Navigation Functionality

When learners take your eLearning course they will most likely navigate between slides using the Next and Previous buttons. While eLearning authoring tools typically have this automatically built into the player of your course it is important to make sure that you check the Next and Previous buttons take you to the correct pages. If you have custom navigation on screen (e.g. a Continue button) make sure that when the button is clicked it works and takes the user to the intended page.

2. Menu Order

When developing your eLearning course typically new slides will get added to the course menu automatically. While this is convenient, you can run into situations where the slides in the menu are not ordered correctly which can cause confusion for learners. When testing your course make sure that you open the menu and check that all the slides are listed and are in the correct order. If you encounter any issues, typically these can be fixed by either resetting the menu or by manually moving the slides into the correct order.

3. External Resources

Another thing to test when developing and deploying eLearning course is to make sure that any external resources you link to work as expected. When adding links to external resources you might encounter some issues, for example the link might be missing a character which causes it to break or you might be linking to a resource that is no longer available. As a result, when you test your eLearning course make sure that you are able to open any external resource you provide to learners.


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