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Ways to add interactivity to your eLearning

When developing your next eLearning course, you want to make sure its as interactive and engaging as possible for your learners.

Below are some things you can do to increase engagement and interactivity in your courses.

1. Using Animations

One quick and effective way to make your eLearning courses more engaging is to add animations to the on-screen elements of your slides. When using eLearning authoring tools such as Storyline you can easily apply animations by clicking on an on-screen element such as text or images and selecting the type of animation you want (e.g. Fade In, Fade Out, Fly in). If your course contains audio, you can time these on-screen elements to animate in synchronisation with your audio.

2. Clickable hotspot

When developing eLearning a commonly use technique is to include a hotspot on screen that the learner can click on. When the learner clicks on this hotspot an event occurs such as text or images appearing. If you have a lot of content on screen a good solution is to use hotspots to turn the screen into a click-and-reveal screen were the learner clicks on different areas of the screen to reveal small chunks of content.

3. Interactive Quizzes

When teaching your learners abut a subject you can add knowledge check questions periodically throughout your course to test your learners on what they have learned. At the end of the course you can also add a graded quiz which is a collection of knowledge check questions taken one after the other, these questions can be graded and if the learner reaches a certain score they pass the course.


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