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Virtual Reality – Lessons, Tips and Tricks

While filming for the new Pathways & ACCES Virtual Reality health and safety course, a lot of lessons, tips and tricks were learned that you could use when creating your own VR course.

Below are some things we learned that you should keep in mind when developing your own VR course.

1. People in view

To capture videos and images for a VR course you need to use a 360 degree camera, and unlike a regular camera a 360 camera captures everything around you in a 360 degree view. This means that everything you can see the camera can also see. With this being said, when capturing 360 images and videos check to make sure that the area you are filming in is clear and that there are no people in your field of view (unless you want people in your VR course). To reduce the chances of this happening try to film at a time you know will be quiet and will have limited people around.

2. Position of the camera

When capturing 360 images and videos for your VR course one important think about is how your camera is positioned. For example, when Pathways was filming onsite with ACCES we initially decided that the person performing the filming would hold the camera on a tripod, however, this resulted in the person holding the camera being slightly in the shot, while this wasn’t bad the footage was not ideal as the course is supposed to be from the learners point of view. After doing some trail and error we discovered the best option was to fix the camera to the top of a hard hat which acted like a tripod, this resulted in the clearest footage and prevented the person holding the camera from being in the shot.

3. Camera Range

When capturing 360 images and videos for your VR course anyone in the shot will need to leave the room or hide behind something in order to be out of the cameras view. As a result there may be some situations were there is distance between you and the person holding the camera. With this in mind, when deciding on a 360 camera make sure you have a way to connect to it wirelessly and that it has a wide enough range that you are able to connect to it even if there is some distance between you and the camera.


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