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Things you can do to engage your learners

When designing and developing eLearning and digital training it is important that you try to make your training as engaging and interactive as possible. If your learners are engaged with your learning content, they will have a much more enjoyable experience and find it easier to learn what you are trying to teach them

Below are some things you can do to help engage your learners.

1. Implement Learning Paths

A learning path involves taking your learning content e.g. eLearning courses, videos, PDFs etc. and organising it in a way that forms a path of progression. Typically, at the start of the path the eLearning course or learning content would be broad and would get more specific as the learner progresses. The benefit of using a learning path is that it helps engage the learner as they can clearly see what they need to learn next. When you have several eLearning courses that cover a subject this can be a good way to structure and organise your content.

2. Rewards

Rewards can be used in eLearning to help motivate and engage learners when they reach a particular milestone. When taking eLearning it is important that the learners know they have reached a certain point and progressed. A type of reward might be a badge that is given at a certain point in a course or a certificate that is given when the learner completes a course. Having a reward helps the learner to see that they have reached a milestone in their learning. Using rewards can also be a quick and effective way to see progression and track what training leaners have taken.

3. Social Learning

Another way to engage and motivate learners is to implement social learning. Social learning involves bringing people together in a way that they can help each other learn and progress. For example if you have a group of learners who are all in the same class you could set up a discussion board or some kind of group on social media so that they can all communicate and support each other. If one learner is stuck or doesn’t understand a subject other learners in the group can provide insight into the subject. Social learning can help learners explore the subject and learn things they wouldn’t necessarily get from a text book or video.


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