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Things to look out for when deploying eLearning

When designing, developing and deploying eLearning there are some important things you should look out for to ensure your course is accurate and adheres to all copyright laws. Below are some things you should check when deploying eLearning courses.

1. Copyrighted Images & Videos

When developing eLearning you may decide to use images or videos from stock websites or other online sources. When downloading and adding these images and videos to your course make sure you check that it does not belong to someone else and that you are free to use them. If use the image or video and it belongs to someone else you could run into serious copyright issues. One alternative is to use stock images libraries, for a fee these websites allow you to purchase, download and insert images & videos into your course without worrying about issues relating to copyright and ownership.

2. External Links

Another important thing to check when deploying your eLearning course is that any external links to additional learning content works as expected. When developing the course using tools such as Articulate Storyline it is not possible to see that the link works in the preview mode, to check that it works the course needs to be viewed in the browser. While it can easily be overlooked it is important that you click on each link to make sure the page loads, as some links can be very long it can be easy to miss a character which will cause the link to break, and the learner will not be able to view the external content.

3. Navigation Errors

Navigation is one of the most important things when it comes to developing an eLearning course. Having a navigation that is clearly labeled, goes to the correct page and works as intended ensures your learner has a positive and stress-free experience. If you use custom navigation, make sure you spend extra time checking that the course flows as intended and that the learner is taken down the correct route, in addition to this try to navigation between different pages to check that everything works correctly.


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