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The benefits of implementing mLearning

As a result of COVID-19 the way that we think about learning, teaching and the classroom has dramatically changed. With traditional classrooms currently being very difficult or impossible to organise, online learning could be an effective and cost efficient alternative way to teach your learners.

mLearning or Mobile Learning involves designing and developing digital training take is taken on a mobile device and is one way you could get training to your learners.

Below are some of the benefits that you could get from implementing mLearning into your learning and development strategy.

1. Its mobile

One of strongest benefits from implementing mLearning is the fact that it is mobile and can be taken anywhere. In todays world learners will most likely be taking training from home but could also be taking it while on the go or out in public. With mLearning it is possible to accommodate a wide variety of learners. As it does not have the restrictions of a classroom session it is possible to host mLearning online, learners can then take it on their smartphone, tablet or other portable electronic devices anywhere and at anytime.

2. Microlearning principles can be applied

Another benefit of using mLearning as pat of your learning and development strategy is that microlearning principles can be applied. The concept of microlearning involves breaking down a course into small bite sized chunks the learner can easily digest, these might be small modules or short quizzes to help reinforce what the leaner has learned. Using a mobile device it would be possible to prompt learners to take the next short module or ask them a couple of questions about what they just learned. With traditional classroom sessions this type of reinforcement would not be possible.

3. Its convenient for learners

In the modern day access to smartphones and technology is much more affordable, and a lot of people now carry smartphones, tablets and other portable devices regularly. As a result creating a mobile learning course would be very convenient for learners, as they already have access to the technology the barrier to entry is lowered as all they need is a device and a network connection. In addition to this a lot of learners are already carrying these devices which means there will be little needed from their side to take the training.


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