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Teamwork and eLearning

Creating an exciting eLearning module is usually easier said than done. Sometimes clients may give good guidance regarding what they are looking for in the eLearning module that they requested. For these eLearning modules, it is usually appropriate that one person is tasked with completing it. However, this is not often the case. Unfortunately, clients will usually not give much guidance as to what they want to be created. They may provide a storyboard containing information accompanied by extremely boring visuals. If the eLearning module is completed by those standards an extremely dull and boring eLearning module will be created, especially if only one person is tasked with completing it.

In these cases, it is often extremely beneficial to have a team work on the eLearning module. Putting together an eLearning module can take time, especially when no outside creative direction is given by the client. Working in a team can help reduce the time it takes to create an eLearning module. Spreading work amongst multiple people helps to break down tasks into smaller pieces and allows multiple sections of the module to be worked on at the same time.

When someone works on an eLearning module individually, only their creative ideas are applied in its creation. With only one person giving input on the creative aspect of creating an eLearning module, it may not turn out the best that it can. It may also take many more reviews to create the eLearning module so that the client is satisfied with the module’s contents. When working in a team one person can suggest an idea and teammates can offer criticisms and help to improve and build upon the idea presented. Ideas can circulate in a team environment meaning that a combination of ideas can be formed that can help point the team in the right creative direction. Multiple people coming up with different ideas on how to go about creating an engaging eLearning module.

Teamwork is the best way to ensure that the eLearning module is created to its greatest potential. That the module created is engaging, entertaining, and can be sure to impress the client.


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