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Picking the Right Training Module

Pathways offers a wide arrange of different training products that could be beneficial to your company in many ways. With the number of products that we offer, it may seem overwhelming and hard to choose which product may be the best fit for your needs. This blog will help narrow down which product may be the best for you and your training needs.

eLearning and mLearning

eLearning and mLearning modules are one of our most popular products that we produce at Pathways. Our eLearning modules focus on a topic given by a company. The module will go in depth about the topic and be created in a way in which information can deliver a satisfying and memorable learning experience to employees. Often times our modules will include interactive segments which are useful in ensuring that employees remember more information. This product is very useful when you need an important topic to be delivered to employees for training purposes in an in depth and memorable manner.

Instructional Design and Facilitation

Pathways also produces more conventional products related to training and education. We can create a customized workshop curriculum for you. We can create curriculums for many different business levels, we can create curriculums for product, technical, or soft skills, we can create a curriculum for almost any topic that your business needs. This product may be useful for you if your company if holding in class workshops or favours a more conventional training style.

Whiteboard Animations

Whiteboard animation have increased in popularity in recent years. Whiteboard animations are a short video, usually 2-3 minutes long, that deliver a simulated classroom experience. They consist of live illustrations accompanied by voice over narration related to the illustrations. Whiteboard animations are a great way to keep a learner’s attention while delivering important information. Whiteboard animations are also very cost effective. Whiteboard animations are useful for when a quick, effective, and non-costly training module is needed.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Pathways can create a customized learning management system for your company. Learning management systems are a system that is used to organize all of your companies training documents. Employees can simply go to your companies learning management system and look up a document that they need to complete. A learning management system may be useful to you if you have multiple training documents and need a system that allows users to easily access the different documents.

Training and 360 Videos

Videos can always be a very effective way of delivering information to learners. They can also be very flexible in how long they are and how detailed they get. Pathways offers a variety of videos for training purposes. Not only do we offer conventional style videos, but we also offer more innovative video products such as 360 videos and animations. If you are looking for a training product that delivers content very effective and somewhat quickly manner, a video training product may be useful for you.

Infographics and Job Aids

Infographics are a nice way to delivery information quickly to learners. They are composed of a page with visuals, usually pictures or illustrations, which are accompanied by information. Infographics and Job aide may be useful to you if you are need of a training product that delivers information quickly and effectively.

Gamification and Simulations

Games are always a very fun and effective way to deliver content to learners. Pathways can develop games for your company if you are interested this type of training product. Games are a highly interactive product, and interactive means of learning are very effective in keeping learners engaged and can help learners retain information better. If you are looking for a highly interactive and fun training product, consider gamification and simulations for your training needs.

Virtual Reality

Pathways is the first developer of virtual reality eLearning in Canada. Virtual Reality eLearning modules offer a highly interactive and innovative way of delivering training content to a learner. If you are interested in an extremely interactive, and innovative training product look into Virtual Reality training modules for your needs.

If you are interested in any of our products, click here to visit our website.


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