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Recently, we explored Zoom fatigue and its causes. This week, we'd like to discuss how to avoid it!

1. Set up “no meeting” times with your team

Try to synchronize your working calendars so everyone has a designated slot when no virtual meetings can be scheduled. You can even get radical and declare “No Zoom Fridays!”

2. Utilize other platforms

Slack, Trello, and similar platforms provide a different way of working and scythe through the amount of virtual meetings you need to have in your working week.

3. Think outside the box

Consider creating a screen recording of your slide deck instead of sharing it in real time over Zoom. This is a time-efficient way to share your presentation and you can add personal touches. Some platforms like Slack even have integrated video tools you can use for this.

4. Remember your Zoom Fatigue 101 Rulebook

Always have an agenda — and stick to it! Schedule breaks and try to avoid having two virtual meetings back to back. If you invested in premium virtual plans to give you those hour-long meetings, maybe rethink that. Do you really need an hour? Cut your meetings shorter and work at pace.

5. Get rid of self-view!

Before COVID-19 became a part of our lives, we didn’t spend meetings looking at ourselves in the mirror! That little box in the corner filled with your own face can be incredibly distracting. One simple tip is to make sure your lighting is good and ensure that others can see you… then HIDE SELF-VIEW!

The first step towards conquering Zoom fatigue is acknowledging it exists — reading these tips means you’re already on the way. Take charge of your work life again.


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