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How you can improve your eLearning and digital training

When designing and developing eLearning you want to make sure that your digital training is as intuitive and interactive as possible to provide the best user experience for your learners.

Below are some things you can do to make your eLearning more engaging for your learners.

1. Periodic Knowledge Checks

One thing you can do to make your eLearning and digital training more engaging is to include Knowledge Checks at regular intervals throughout your course (e.g. at the end of a chapter or course). A Knowledge Check is a question that tests the learner on the content they have just learned, examples of knowledge checks include multiple-choice question, drag and drop questions or matching pair questions. The benefit of using Knowledge Check questionms in your course is that it tests the learners on your learning content and helps them to reinforce what they have learned.

2. Using Multimedia

Another thing you can do to improve your eLearning and digital training is to use multimedia when possible. For example, you may decide to use text across several slides to explain about a subject, and while this will technically work it can easily become static for learners. Instead, try to think about how the same subject be explained using different forms of multimedia, for example you could include a video which teaches the learner about the subject or use images to help the learner visualise what you are teaching.

3. Audio Narration

When displaying content on-screen to learners (e.g., text and images) one way you can increase engagement is to include audio narration. Audio narration involves recording audio that narrates your course, typically you would have an audio script that contains the audio for each slide and when the learner visits that slide the audio would play automatically. By adding audio narration to your slides and synchronising it with text and images it can help increase engagement and helps to maintain the learners attention.


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