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How Online Training can Save you Time and Money


Online learning can about take 40%-75% off learning time than traditional in person learning. The modules can be completed at any time and at any location. To help further reduce time, eLearning modules do not require the learner travel to a specific location to complete training. By reducing travel times to 0, the total time it takes complete a training program is greatly reduced. eLearning modules are also shorter in length than training seminars, usually only taking a couple of hours total to complete, compared to training seminars which can often span over multiple days.

Travel/Accommodation Costs

eLearning modules are completed online. As long as the learner has an internet connection, they can complete the modules whenever and whenever they would like. Without the need for employees to travel to a specific location to complete the eLearning modules, the entire cost of travel and accommodation is eliminated. Having employees fly out to attend training seminars can cost companies lots of money. With the need to book flights, hotels, and other accommodations, costs can add up very quickly. Traveling to these locations also takes time which could be used more effectively, such as to complete work employees could possible have.

Facilitators/Learning Materials

eLearning modules do not require outside instruction from facilitators. Facilitators can cost quite a lot of money, usually charging per day. In person training is often accompanied by other learning materials such as booklets, or some other type of training document. Facilitators and other learning materials are costly. Although the cost of an eLearning module greatly varies and can sometimes cost more than the facilitators/learning materials, it is a better investment because eLearning modules can be used in the future and as many times as needed.


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