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How can I design an effective UI for my eLearning?

When it comes to creating eLearning the User Interface is one of the most important things you need to consider. The UI or User Interface involves everything the learner interacts with, it’s the layout of the screen, the buttons being used and the colour scheme. A good UI is important as it is the difference between a learner giving up in frustration and a learner having a positive learning experience that is engaging.

Below are some things you can do to improve you UI.

1. Conflicting Colours

Colours are an extremely important part of the UI and eLearning development. Colours make up an important part of your User Interface design and when deciding on the colours you want to use in your eLearning make sure that they are easy for the learner to look at when taking your course. By this we mean don’t use colours that conflict with each other on the page, for example if you have a page that has text try to avoid using coloured text on coloured backgrounds, for example green text on a red background can become difficult for the learner to read over time, similarly if you use yellow text on a white background this can also be hard to read due to the lack of contrast.

2. Not mobile friendly

Responsive eLearning and digital training is now a days an essential, before it was a nice addition but over time learners demands have changed and now more than ever learners are looking to take eLearning on a variety of devices. When designing and developing your UI make sure that it can work for a variety of devices, for example the navigation is different on a mobile device when compared to a desktop, for a mobile device you will need to change how the uses presses next and back, you may need to use a different type of button or change where the navigation sits on a page. Similar including text in your course, on a desktop it may be easy for a learner to read a lot of text but on a phone it can take a long time to scroll which doesn’t make for a good UI experience.

3. Inconsistencies

Consistency is another important factor to consider when designing the UI for your eLearning or digital training course. When designing the UI try to make sure that the style is consistent throughout, if you use a certain font continue using it throughout the course, if you have a certain page layout try to keep to a similar layout without changing too much. A consistent UI can not only make your eLearning more intuitive for the learner but also can be used to reflect your organisations brand and make it familiar to the learner.


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