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Expanding beyond traditional eLearning

Traditional eLearning typically involves using audio, text, images and videos to teach your learners about a speicifc subject, however there are a number of things you can do to expand your eLearning courses beyond traditional eLearning.

Below are some things you could implement in your next eLeanring course.

1. Branching Scenarios

Branching scenarios can be one way you can expand your eLearning course. A branching secnario involves presenting the learner with a secenario or question and then giving the learner a series of options/answers to choose from (typically between 2-5 options/answers). When the learner selects an option it takes them down a path in which they are presented with more options to choose from or are provided with content to explain the consequences of their choice. Branching scenarios are great if you are trying to prepare your learners for specific situations where they need to make decisions.

2. VR

Virutal Reality or VR has been around for some time and is nothing new to eLearning. To create a course using Virutal Relaity you will need a specal camera to capture video footage and a VR headset to view the course. This type of training can make training more interesting for learners as learners are able to look around in 360 degrees and interact with clickable hotspots on screen (a hotpsot is an area of the screen you can interact with). This type of training is great if your learners need to perform hands on tasks or interact with equipment.

3. Gamification

Another thing you can do to expand your eLearning is to introduce elements of Gamifification. Not to be confused with learning games, Gamification involves taking elements of games such as avatars, narratives, lives, scoring etc. and incorporate it into eLearning courses. For example instead of teaching learners about a computer system you could make an interactive simulation that replicates the system and tests them on their ability to use the system by utilising Gamification elements such as avatars, lives, scoring and challenges.

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