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eLearning and barriers to education

eLearning can be a great way to remove some of the barriers associated with training. Below are three types of barriers that can be reduced by using eLearning and digital training as part of your Learning and Development strategy.

1. Cost

One type of barrier eLearning can remove is the cost barrier associated with taking training. When learners take in person training there are a number of costs associated with it. These costs include the price of the training, transportation, food and sometimes accommodation. For learners that have limited funds this can cause issues and may create barriers that prevent them from accessing training. In comparison eLearning and digital training can lower entry costs, if the learner wants to take an eLearning course all they need is a laptop and internet connection. Training can then be taken from home or a location of there choosing which removes the need for travel, accommodation etc.

2. Time

Another barrier when it comes to training is time, to take in person training you may need to set aside a day or more to attend the classroom session. If you have a busy schedule this can be a big deal as you may not have the amount of time require to attend. eLearning however has the advantage of allowing learners to take training at any time, this means if you have commitments or a busy schedule you may be able to take training at a more flexible time e.g. evenings or weekends.

3. Distance

Distance can also be another huge barrier to accessing training. If you live in a small town, remote location, or another country you simply may not be able to travel the distance required to attend in person training. This can come down to a number of factors including not being able to afford to travel or having responsibilities that require you to be in a certain location. With eLearning this barrier is removed, as training is taking online using an internet connection, learners have the flexibility to take training at any location providing it has an internet connection


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