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Drag and Drop Interactions in Adobe Captivate

In order to create an effective eLearning module, it is necessary to engage the reader as much as possible. There are many different interactions that can be used such as quizzes, knowledge checks or drag and drop interactions.

Drag and drop interactions are a very good way to enhance user experience and boost user engagement in an eLearning module. They are more interactive than the other interactions quizzes and knowledge checks because it requires more interaction than just clicking. It also helps readers who are visual learners as you can often add shapes to the answers.

Here is how to program a drag and drop user interaction with shapes in Adobe Captivate.

1. Create Answer Shapes (Double click shapes to add text)

2. Duplicate Shapes and move duplicate (Drop) shapes into position

3. Click Interaction and choose Drag and Drop from the dropdown menu

4. In the drag and drop window select all answer objects and then click next

5. In the next window select all drop objects and then click next

6. In the final window, click and drag from the centre of the answer objects into the drop objects

7. Click Finish


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