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Consistency in eLearning

Having consistency in your eLearning and digital training helps to ensure a positive User Experience for your learners. Below are some important things to consider when making your eLearning courses consistent.

1. Font

When creating your eLearning course text will most likely be one of the main things you will use to teach your learners about a subject. When adding text try to ensure that you use the same font throughout your course. Using the same font for all your text will help ensure your course has a consistent look and feel. If your organisation has a style guide or branding guidelines make sure you use whatever is indicated in these guides. If you are a develop make sure you have all the fonts you need installed ony our computer before updating or creating a course.

2. Navigation

Another important thing you should keep consistent is the course navigation. Having key buttons such as Next, Previous, Menu etc. in the same place on every page will help to ensure that your learners have a positive User Experience. When adding navigation, you can use either the built in buttons in the player or add custom navigation elements on screen. If you add custom navigation, make sure the buttons are the same size and in the same position each time. If navigation elements move around it can result in the learners getting frustrated and having a bad learning experience.

3. Colours

Colours are an important part of your eLearning course, having relevant and consistent colours can help your course look clean and gives the learner a sense of familiarity. When choosing colours try to keep between 1-3 colours, if you have a style guide or a branding guideline try to stick to what is outlined in these documents. Try to ensure that you always use the same colours for on screen elements, for example if you used red for a button at the start of the course, make sure you use this colour throughout, if you change the colour part way through a module it may confuse learners as they expect the button to be a certain colour.


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