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Considerations when developing eLearning

It has been several months since COVID-19 and the coronavirus pandemic begun. During this time the way we work and learn has dramatically shifted and the need for online eLearning and digital training is more important than ever. Developing eLearning and digital training is very different than a traditional classroom setting and as a result there are some things you should consider.

Below are some things you should consider when developing online training and eLearning.

1. Files sizes

In a classroom setting using large files e.g videos, large PowerPoints etc. might be something of an afterthought as you can take your laptop or computer to the classroom. However, in an online setting this can have a big impact to the learning experience. When using eLearning and digital training it is taken over an internet connection this means the learner will have to download or stream content to their device. For learners that have a slow connection this can be an issue as they may not be able to access large files. When developing eLearning and digital training it is important to keep the size of your files in mind.

2. Communication

In a classroom setting it is easy to ask your instructor, professor or teacher questions. You might have a question about a topic or have an issue you need resolving. In an online setting this is more difficult, as the learner cannot directly ask someone and get an instant response being able to communicate effectively is vital. In your course you can do this by adding discussion boards, discussion boards allow learners and instructors to communicate by posting messages. This is useful if you have multiple students asking the same question and encourages collaborative learning as students can help each other if they encounter issues.

3. Intuitiveness

Having intuitive eLearning and well structured online courses are vital when deploying an online learning solution. In a classroom setting the instructor is there to inform the learners what they need to do next, however, in an online environment learners do not have this direct instruction from a instructor. When developing your eLearning try to make it as intuitive as possible you do not want the learner guessing what they need to do next, making the learning experience as intuitive as possible will help to increase the overall user experience and make the learning more enjoyable.


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