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Consider Video for Training

When asked about eLearning the first things that would pop into most people’s heads is eLearning modules. Although they are the most common way that eLearning is usually implemented, one extremely useful form of eLearning is often overlooked. Videos.

Videos are an extremely useful tool that most people would not give much thought into. Videos can be very useful for delivering instructions. More detail can be added to videos in a short period of time than most people think. A step by step video on completing a task may only be 5-7 minutes, but it can consist of in-depth details about completing the task with visuals that show exactly how the task should be completed. Accompanied by audio explaining the task as well makes for an extremely quick way of informing a learner. Most of the time the videos take much less time to watch through, than completing an eLearning module on how to complete the same task.

Something that videos do lack is the interactivity that eLearning modules can have. Not all eLearning modules do include interactive segments, but those that do have another level of engagement that benefits the learner. Unfortunately, these eLearning modules often cost a decent amount of money. Videos on the other hand are usually much cheaper compared to eLearning modules, which is beneficial if you are in need of a quick and cheap way to train your employees.

If your company is in need of a new eLearning product for training purposes, consider videos. A cheaper and quicker alternative to eLearning modules.


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