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Choosing the right images for your eLearning course

When designing and developing eLearning and digital training it is important that you choose the right images for your course. Choosing the right images can be a quick and effective way to explain a concept you are trying to teach to your learners.

Below are some best practices for choosing images for your eLearning course.

1. Relevant

When deciding on what images to use in your course an important thing to consider is whether the image is relevant to what you are trying to teach. In some cases, you may use images to make your pages less static and break up text or you may use images as a key part of your learning content (e.g., a technical diagram). Regardless of the images, you are using you should make sure that the images are relevant to the course, asking questions such as “Is this image relevant to the learning content?” and “Does this image help learners understand what I am trying to teach them?” will help you determine if you should include the image or not.

2. Image Quality

Another important factor to consider is the quality of the images you are using. When taking a course if an image is too small or is low quality it can cause issues for learners as they will not be able to see images clearly and might not understand what you are trying to teach. To avoid this always try to ensure you are using high-quality and large-sized images in your eLearning course. If an image is too small or is of low quality it may become pixelated or stretched when inserted into a course, this will distort the image and prevent learners from seeing it clearly. When developing a course ensure you are using high-quality large images as your learners will be able to see them easier and have an overall better experience.

3. Consistency

When choosing the images for your course try to ensure they are consistent throughout the course and match your brand. For example, if you decide to use realistic stock images, try to ensure you use this style throughout your course, likewise if you decide to use cartoon style avatars in your course try to stick to this style. Keeping the same fonts, colours and image style throughout your course helps to build familiarity with your learners and can help reinforce your brand, if your company has a style guide this is a good first place to check.


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